The mark of quality since 1974, the YP Classics® sticker has been representing a diverse range of styles, shapes, and technologies. From the original adjustable snapback to the versatile trucker and cosy beanies, YP Classics® products are meticulously crafted with the finest materials to provide a premium experience for any occasion.

The FLEXFIT THE ONE AND ONLY ORIGINAL® stretchable fitted cap, empowered with Flexfit® Technology, features a polyurethane spandex woven sweatband that offers enhanced fitting choices and comfort technology.
This provides premium comfort and improved sizing options.

FLEXFIT 110® cap: MADE FOR YOU. The FLEXFIT 110® cap incorporates the comfort technology of innovative Flexfit® Technology, paired with a variety of adjustable closures to guarantee optimal comfort for a more inclusive and customized experience.

Inspired by premium on-field baseball gear, the FLEXFIT 210® cap delivers the comfort and security of Flexfit® Technology, complemented by premium fabrics to serve as the ideal solution for any endeavour.

This innovative cap is lighter, sleeker, and smarter than ever before. The Flexfit Delta® cap features seamless construction with a lightweight approach. The patented Stain-Block Technology diffuses sweat faster for extra comfort.

The culmination of insights learned from 50 years of craftsmanship, the FLEXFIT NU® cap features a unique
Tri-Layer panelling technique (Patent Pending), incorporating front panels that are 50% thinner and a stitch less front panel for optimal branding. It also boasts innovative ACTIVEGUARD™ Technology, facilitating rapid moisture absorption and under-visor dispersion for a longer-lasting stainless look.